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Applications for the next grant cycle opens Summer 2018

Grant Cycle #6
(Sept-Dec 2018)

Milestone Date
Applications Open Summer 2018 (date TBD)
Applications due July 2018 (date TBD)
Application review July/Aug 2018
Notification of awards Aug 2018
Kick-off meetings begin Sept 2018
All accepted projects complete Dec 31, 2018

Cummings School Website Grant Program

The office of marketing announces a Website Grant Program for FY 16 and beyond. This school-wide program will help the office of marketing prioritize and provide comprehensive web services to faculty and staff at Cummings School with a need for web-based projects requiring specialized web and marketing communications expertise. Recipients receive a “grant” from the office of marketing for technology, time and resources to complete identified projects.

The Website Grant Program will help provide a mechanism to proactively identify school web needs, offer campus-wide transparency and help offer a mechanism for school leadership to collaborate with marketing to prioritize upcoming web projects. The Dean’s Council will partner with the office of marketing to review applications and select grant recipients to help ensure the most strategic and beneficial projects are scheduled for website development.

Process at-a-glance

Twice a year (see timelines below) the office of marketing will announce a “call for submissions” to the Website Grant Program”, review received submissions in partnership with Dean’s Council and select projects based strategic importance to Cummings School’s mission and resource availability. Once grant recipients are selected the office of marketing will schedule kickoff meetings and schedule projects.


Applicants must submit an application prior to communicated deadlines to be given priority for the upcoming grant cycle. In very extreme circumstances an application may be submitted for consideration by the office of marketing and Dean’s Council mid-cycle; however projects accepted outside the initial grant cycle may cause previously accepted projects to be postponed or delayed. Therefore, significant strategic importance must be communicated to have a web project considered for mid-cycle review. Any delays will be communicated to all parties involved in the process.

Criteria for Selection

The office of marketing and Dean’s Council will review applications for (technical and resource) feasibility and expected timelines.   Final decisions will be based on:

  • Clarity of goals and statement of need
  • Degree to which the project supports the mission of the school
  • Feasibility of timeline
  • Potential for contributed funding and resources (people)
  • Applicability of the project for others at the school

Examples of Projects

Sample projects that could be covered by this program, include:

  • A complete overhaul of an existing site or section of content on Cummings School or Cummings Veterinary Medical Center sites.
    • A complete re-write of Tufts Ambulatory Service
    • Migrating Tufts VETS from current (externally hosted) site to school web servers.
    • Migrating Center for Shelter Dogs from current (externally hosted) site to school web servers.
  • A brand new initiative that requires a website
    • Cummings Veterinary Medical Center Blood Bank
    • Tufts Cancer Collaborative
    • Cummings School intranet
  • A web application to support teaching, research or hospital clients
    • A web-based tool for a scoring system that differentiates benign from malignant splenic disease
    • A robust faculty/specialty/research interest search interface using the university’s Google Search Appliance
    • Interactive Veterinarians CARE website to allow veterinarians to donate and submit confidential client information for the program

Procedure for Submitting Applications

Applications should be submitted electronically to no later than 11:59pm on the deadline date to be considered.

Use Arial, Helvetica, Palatino Linotype, or Georgia typeface, a black font color, and a font size of 11 points or larger. Use standard paper size (8 ½” x 11) and at least one-half inch margins (top, bottom, left, and right) for all pages. No information should appear in the margins.

All applications should be submitted in a single, electronic document based on our application form. To apply for a web grant, you must download the Word Document below, fill it out and email it to no later than 11:59pm, December 30, 2017. Those requesting a grant should fill out the document; change the file name (replacing YourNameHere with their own name) and email it to prior to the communicated deadline the application asks the following:

  1. Project Details. Describe the proposed web project including goals, target audience, expected outcomes, and a timeline for completion (what are you and/or your team able to commit to in terms of time and resources). The application must designate a project lead that must be a faculty or staff member of Cummings School. The application should describe how the project will enhance the mission of the school and if there is a potential for applicability to others (can someone else use the technology being created for this project for their work?).
  1. Project Resources. Describe how you expect this website to be managed and maintained after creation. Will you have staff dedicated to manage content updates and/or maintain the site? Do you have budget to hire a student or someone to help manage the site? Provide as much detail as possible about any resources you can dedicate to this site after it has launched. Is this site expected to live forever or is there an expected sunset date for it? Is it tied to a grant that has a specific timeline?
  1. Key People Involved. Provide a list of all the people who should be involved with this project. List each person’s name, role in the project and contact information.

NOTE: After receipt, we may request that selected applications be developed into more detailed plans or that additional information be provided.