Research Awards

The objectives of the Society of Phi Zeta are to recognize and promote scholarship and research in matters pertaining to the welfare and diseases of animals. At least one National Phi Zeta Award is bestowed each year and recipients receive a check for $1,000 and a plaque.

One award is to recognize an outstanding manuscript submitted for competition in the basic research category, and the other is to recognize an outstanding manuscript submitted in the clinical or applied research category.

Each Phi Zeta chapter (school) may sponsor up to two candidates — one for each of the awards. The application must state which category it belongs to  because some research is not distinctly one or the other.

The candidate does not need to be a Phi Zeta member.

The candidate must be a veterinarian involved in a graduate or research program within the past 2 years. This means that a current resident/intern or a recent graduate would be eligible.

The candidate must be the first author.

The paper must have been either accepted for publication or already published in a peer reviewed journal. If accepted but not yet published a verifying letter from the journal is required.

If your chapter has more than one paper in one or both of the categories you will need to do an internal review to choose which one you want to submit BEFORE sending to the chair of the research awards committee. In this case you should decide on an internal deadline that will give you enough time for this before your final submission.

Recipients of each award will be selected by the National Phi Zeta Awards committee which is comprised of five Phi Zeta members from institutions with Phi Zeta chapters.  The awards are presented at the sponsoring Phi Zeta chapter’s initiation ceremony, awards banquet, or other appropriate gathering.