2015 Year End Update

Late December Update

The concrete footings have been poured, and the walls and piers to set the steel on are being installed. The final concrete foundation pouring occurred shortly after the photos below were taken.

late december 1

Late December 2

Late Dec 3

The week of December 21, steel arrives and crane begins to install the steel supports to frame out the lobby expansion.


Early December:

Front Desk demolition update:

Photo below shows how the main client lobby looks with the renovations that have occurred as of the week ending 12/04/15:

Late dec 4


Plumbers are currently working on the underground utilities and installing the waste and vent lines and duct work, plumbing and water supply as well.

Outside the front entrance, the excavation was completed so the new footprint could be installed with stone being added at the base. The surveyors have measured for the base line layout, the footings and foundations have been laid out this week. The footings for the new foundation (for the new waiting room) have been poured. Please see below for more detail.

Late dec 5


The continued installation of the rebar and the forms for the foundation walls and piers will continue next week which will consist of the pouring of the concrete weather permitting, followed by striping of the forms.

Late dec 6


Completion date: The renovations for phase #3 and the new addition to the front of the Foster Small Animal Hospital are scheduled to be completed by March 15th weather permitting.

Installation of a temporary outside dog walk area (by the temporary lobby trailer):

Sometime next week, a fence will be installed next to the Oncology wing and will be attached to the trailer. With this fence being installed, it will provide a small dog walk area that we will be able to enter from a gate located next to the maze walk way. The photo below shows the area planned for the new dog walk area that will be created after the area has been cleaned up and a new fence installed to make it ready for use.

Late dec 7


Renovations have progressed and demolition of the area has been completed in the radiology interpretation room.

By mid-December, the installation of the rough electrical as well as the drywall will occur as soon as inspections take place.

Late dec 8


Late November:

Exterior preparations:

Late dec 9

The demolition of the outside entrance to the hospital.

The front walkway and parking lot has been removed so that Tocci Construction can continue the excavation of the existing foundations and footings in front of the hospital.

The front main canopy at the main entrance of the hospital was removed. Below is a before and after photo of the frame supports being removed this week.

Late dec 10Late dec 11

Late dec 12


Early November:

Emergency Room:

Late dec 13

The photo above is how the Emergency Room looks as of this afternoon in full use after being renovated, opening at the outset of November.

In the corner of the Emergency Room by the Nova work station, the flooring and walls will be renovated sometime in the near future. Tocci Construction will install epoxy on the floor and paint the room adjacent to the ICU.

The photo below is how the new Emergency Room looks as of this afternoon as we prepare to move from the temporary ER back into the newly renovated Emergency Room on Friday morning (October 30th).

Late dec 14