Spring 2016 Update

With Phases 1 and 2 of The Henry and Lois Foster Hospital for Small Animals renovation done, we are looking at a potential completion of the project towards the end of October.  Much has happened since we last reported to our loyal alumni and friends.

You can review our current schedule.  The new entrance and lobby will become operational at the beginning of the summer.  Stay tuned for more information about our grand opening this fall!

Exterior work


The brick facade work on the exterior of the Foster Hospital building should be completed by the end of April.

The cladding installers are measuring the areas in preparation for installing aluminum cladding being added to the building facade.



Windows continue to be installed on the 2nd floor of the hospital.

Windows installed 2nd floor

An inside view of the new addition.

Tocci Construction will be working on the building addition and installing the radiant heat tubing in the concrete slab. Once testing is completed, they will start pouring the new inside concrete. Once the slab is poured, framing of the remaining exam rooms can begin.

New front desk

New Emergency Entrance

New second floor addition: (Conference room and Breakroom)

Roofers are working on the aluminum cladding substrate on the addition and continue to install glass for the 2nd floor.

The installation of the framing for the walls for the new conference room and breakroom still continue.

Second floor breakroom and conference room

Front Desk renovation update:

Drywall continues to be installed throughout the lobby area.

New exam rooms have had the drywalls installed, sanded and preparations are being made to paint the walls.

Drywall in exam rooms


The framing of the walls for the new front desk (on left) continue to occur, in the middle are accounting offices that just had the new glass doors installed and on the right new exam rooms.

Framing walls at front desk


New satellite pharmacy is starting to take shape.

New satellite pharmacy

Be sure to check out our current schedule for what’s happening next!