Tufts Veterinary Hospitals pairs technical expertise with a personal touch, translating cutting-edge science into world-class care. Here, diagnosis involves not only tests, but also time to talk about your concerns. Treatment goes beyond healing the patient and tending to the whole family.

We’ve been providing compassionate, team-based veterinary care for more than 30 years. Our mission is clear: to provide outstanding care for animals and an unparalleled education for tomorrow’s veterinarians. But we can’t do this alone. We need your help now.

Our most critical and immediate challenge is to renovate and expand our teaching hospitals to better deliver 21st century patient care, the highest level of client service, and up-to-date, quality clinical learning.

When the Henry and Lois Foster Hospital for Small Animals opened in 1985, we anticipated caring for 12,000 animals a year. We now see more than 28,000, one of the highest caseloads of any academic teaching hospital in the country. Our compassionate, dedicated caregivers do what it takes every day to provide exceptional veterinary care and a great learning environment for our talented students. But we have physically outgrown our space.

Upgrading our facilities is necessary so that We can continue to provide the highest level of service that our clients have come to expect—the kind of care that inspires families to bring their pets to us and veterinarians to make referrals here. Improving the quality and size of our hospital complex is also essential to attracting the best students and faculty to our school.