The effect of age and emphysematous and fibrotic injury on the re-cellularization of de-cellularized lungs.

Dino Sokocevic,Nicholas Bonenfant,, Zachary D. Borg, Darcy Wagner, Melissa Lathrop, Ying Wai Lam, Ph.D.,Bin Deng, Michael DeSarno, Taka Ashikaga, Roberto Loi, Andrew M. Hoffman, Daniel J. Weiss.  The Effect of Age and Emphysematous and Fibrotic Injury on the Re-Cellularization of De-Cellularized Lungs, Biomaterials,  34(13):3256-3269; PMID: 23384794.

Use of de-cellularized cadaveric lungs as 3-dimensional scaffolds for ex vivo lung tissue generation offers a new potential therapeutic approach for clinical lung transplantation. However, it is likely that some of the available cadaveric human lungs may be from older donors or from donors with previously existing structural lung diseases such as emphysema or pulmonary fibrosis.

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