The Regenerative Medicine Laboratory (RML) is a core laboratory for the support of Department of Clinical Sciences faculty, trainees and their collaborators.  For specific information on resources listed below, call (508) 887-4589 and ask for Airiel Davis or Dawn Meola.


Bldg 21 is the Tufts Biotechnology Transfer Center on the Cummings School campus which houses both academic and industry laboratories.   The RML is a secure 900 sq ft lab space, with 3 offices, desktop computers (Dell Optiplex 990 *3, misc Dell *6), common/conference area (120 sq ft), fax/phones/wireless printer –LaserJet Pro400/wireless internet network (secure + guest), photographic printer (HP Deskjet 5940), autoclave, ice machine; emergency generator circuitry.

Major equipment

FACS Aria IIu (2014) w/ 3 lasers – red, blue, violet equipped with filters 502 LP, 450/40 BP, and 530/30 BP (BD Biosciences);  AutoMac Pro Separator Magnetic cell separator (Miltenyi); Mx3000P quantitative real-time PCR (Stratagene); Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100AxioImager Z1 upright microscope w/ fluorescence 100-630xmag optical, AxioVision software, Sigma Scan v.5; AxioVert phase contrast  microscope 5-400xmag, with RGB fluorescence filters;  AxioObserver Z1 Inverted Microscope with Fluorescence (LED excitation) and DIC with Automated X-Y stage and Definite Focus Module, ZEN workstation, Hamamatsu high speed camera and stage incubator; 1100 series HPLC for size exclusion chromatography (Agilent); Nanosight NS300 w/ 630nM laser excitation (Malvern); Optima L-90K Ultracentrifuge with SW-28 and 70.1 Ti rotors (Beckman Coulter); Bioplex MagPix (Multiplex, BioRad); XYClone Zona Infrared Laser Optical System with class 1 laser 1480 λ, REDi laser module, Digital Camera, and imaging software (Hamilton-Thorne).

Misc lab equipment

Cytospin4 Cytocentrifuge (Shandon/ThermoScientific); Cold Microfuge (Eppendorf); Cryostat (Leica Model 1800); Deparaffin setup/glassware (e.g Coplin jars), Microwaves (2), pH meter, Hemacytometers; Eppendorf epGradient MasterCycler, 2D gel electrophoresis system, Digital heater block, Vortexes (3), sonicator, RNA/protein isolation supplies; Biosafety BSL2 (2) and fume hoods (2); Trigas Incubator (ThermoFischer) *1 and standard CO2 Incubators *2 (ThermoFischer); 37oC incubator, Dessicator (250oC, vacuum); BioRad immunoblot systems (2); iBlot; RevCo/Thermo-Electron -80 freezers (1 tall, 1 short), Fisher -20 freezers (small – 2); Upright refrigerators (1), Upright tall freezer -20 VMR (1), VMR under counter refrigerators (2), Liquid Nitrogen vapor-liquid cell storage unit  (ThermoElecton Cryo 200 *1, Cryoplus 2 *1); Liquid nitrogen storage tanks (20 psi, 230 L capacity * 2, leased); Accuspin 3R (Fisher) refrigerated programmable centrifuge; Physiologic (respiratory, live animal data acquisition) systems: Buxco Forced Maneuver system (counter top) w/ XA Biosystem software, FlexiVent system for mouse/rat software v5.2,  Awake plethysmograph for mice (restrained system custom made);

Additional resources on Tufts University campuses

Laboratory Animal Medicine (AAALAC accredited) services, and facilities for housing / breeding mouse, rat, rabbits, swine, dogs, sheep, goats, cattle, horses and camelids; additional lab equipment:  AccuriC6 flow cytometer (488 nm, 633 nm lasers) in Building #21, the New England Regional Biosafety Laboratory (BSL3 labs and vivaria):  IVIS In Vivo imaging system, LSR Fortessa (14 color), Zeiss Confocal.  Tufts’ Boston (core facilities):  MoFlo and LSRII, transgenic animals, genomics, proteomics, expression vectors, laboratory animal resources; TEM Dr. Qiaobing Xu lab (Medford).

Large animal resources

Hospital for Large Animals with housing, 24/7 monitoring by certified animal health technicians, Toshiba Aquilon Spiral CT, 1.5 Tesla Siemens MRI, Siemens LFOV gamma camera for perfusion/ventilation studies, digital radiography, complete PFT/Hoffman laboratory for large animals (resistance/compliance – Buxco Electronics; Forced oscillometry – OTN;  Calorimetry (human, large animal); Heliometers (Morgan Scientific); CO monitors (Morgan Scientific); Exercise testing treadmill (large animal), several research mechanical ventilators, Data Passport II monitor with SpO2/HR/BP/ECG/Capnography, OxiMax N600x Nelcor pulse oximeter portable system for SpO2/HR, Olympus gastroscopes/bronchoscopes*6.

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