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Frequently Asked Questions

What does SAVMA do?

  • SAVMA is the umbrella organization and major source of funding for all the other clubs on campus.
  • SAVMA runs the campus store, which sells all of the general Tufts Cummings Veterinary School merchandise. We also sell merchandise at campus events like Open House and Parent’s Day.
  • Many SAVMA events support the Travis Fund.
  • SAVMA organizes board reviews for students in the fall of their 4th year.
  • SAVMA provides a wealth of networking opportunities, with both on-campus and off-campus professionals.
  • SAVMA organizes and funds students’ trips to the SAVMA Symposium, the largest conference intended specifically for veterinary students.
  • SAVMA works closely in collaboration with the MVMA (Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association).
  • SAVMA delegates connect members with a large number of scholarship, loan and grant opportunities.

What events does SAVMA sponsor?

  • First Friday social events each month at area bars and restaurants (SAVMA membership card required)
  • Lunchtime talks regarding professional development
  • A barbeque at the beginning of fall term to introduce new students to the clubs on campus
  • The annual Fur Ball (winter white party)
  • A barbeque at the end of the spring semester
  • Community service activities, including blood drives
  • The fall dog wash
  • The SCAVMA Spring Festival, in conjunction with the Westborough Rotary Club’s Spring Festival. This event includes a 5K run with pets, contests, informational booths and a dog wash.

What are the benefits of joining SAVMA?

  • Tufts SAVMA Benefits:
    • Free registration and hotel accommodations for SAVMA symposium
    • Eligible for Tufts SAVMA Travel Grants, granted to at least ten students annually
    • Information about scholarships and other monetary opportunities delivered directly from the Tufts SAVMA delegates
    • Access to SAVMA events, such as lunch talks, 4th year board reviews and much, much more!
  • Student AVMA Benefits:
    • Annual Student AVMA Educational Symposium
    • Free subscription to The Vet Gazette (Journal of the Student AVMA)
    • Funds for the Navajo Indian Reservation externship
    • IVSA student-abroad exchange program
    • Scholarships, grants, and other monetary opportunities
    • Information concerning relevant veterinary issues through your Student AVMA Delegate
  • AVMA Benefits (maximized with SAVMA membership during third and fourth years of school):
    • Reduced subscription rates ($40/year) to the Journal of the AVMA (JAVMA) and American Journal of Veterinary Research (AJVR)
    • Free advanced registration to the annual AVMA meeting, and reduced registration for all other AVMA symposia
    • Access to the AVMA Auxiliary Student Loan Fund (up to $8,000) as well as the AVM Foundation scholarship
    • Health, accident, life, and professional liability insurance through the AVMA Insurance Trust.
    • AVMA’s Veterinary Career Center provides job listings and allows you to post your resume for worldwide exposure.
    • Access to listings of post-graduate programs, externships, and internships – private, public, and corporate.
    • Information on starting salaries and benefits, how to evaluate your first practice position, demographics on the profession, and the variety of veterinary careers.
    • Counseling on how to negotiate salary and benefits.
    • Computer-linked communication with other veterinary school students through the Network of Animal Health (NOAH).
    • Reduced membership rates to the AVMA for 2 years after graduation (saving up to $175 over 3 years).
    • Savings of up to 8% off home or car insurance.