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Cummings Cares

Cummings School is committed to the health, wellness, and well-being of every member of our community including faculty, staff, and students. We offer a variety of programs to meet myriad needs.

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. "

World Health Organization


Cummings School offers many opportunities to help you live your professional life to the fullest. These programs range from workplace wellness programs to career planning to preparing for your future in the veterinary profession.

Examples of these programs include:


Cummings School provides faculty, staff and students many opportunities to break out of the office and classroom and enjoy our beautiful campus. These programs range from access to our gym, lunchtime yoga classes and organized walks and running and hiking clubs.

Examples of these programs include:


Our goal is to help and support you in your quest to become the best version of yourself! Whether you are looking to take health and wellness classes, meditate, get biometric screenings or seek one-on-one confidential counseling, Cummings School has a program for you.

Examples of these programs include:

Programs for Working Programs for Healthy Living Programs for Overall Well-being

Featured Program

Cummings Thrive

The mission of the Cummings Thrive project is to, with collaboration from non-profit organization Veterinary Leadership Institute (VLI), develop an interactive program that promotes mental health awareness while also teaching students, faculty, and staff personal and professional leadership skills.

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