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Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine has begun the design phase of curriculum redesign and faculty, students, staff, alumni, and other stakeholders are invited to participate.  Curriculum Committee assembled a Curriculum Redesign Committee (CRC) consisting of faculty representatives from all four departments and this committee meets every two weeks.  The CRC is supported by the Tufts Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT).

There are also numerous opportunities for stakeholders outside of the CRC to contribute to curriculum redesign process.  Everyone is invited to participate and the redesigned curriculum and implementation plan must be approved by a majority vote of the faculty at the end of the design phase.  As the CRC identifies important elements for discussion, it will assemble advisory groups consisting of faculty, students, staff, and alumni to provide input.  In order to be considerate of other time commitments, advisory groups will only be assembled for a few weeks or months, and groups will have different configurations depending upon the topic being considered.  Focused meetings will also be held to wrestle with specific questions and these will be open to all faculty.  There is also an anonymous feedback form on the Contact Us page that can be used to provide input at any time.