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Bio: Dr. Scarlett Magda is a veterinarian with a passion for raising awareness about the interconnectedness of human and animal health and tackling the root causes of zoonotic disease transmission and animal welfare issues. She has over 10 years of international experience working with organizations ranging from the Thai Elephant Conservation Center; the Foundation for AIDS Orphaned Children in Uganda; the Elephant Family, United Kingdom; the Belize Zoo; and the Ministry of Environment in Costa Rica. She had sat on the board of directors for Veterinarians Without Borders Canada for five years prior to moving to the United States.

Dr. Magda’s involvement in international veterinary medicine started in 2007 while she was a veterinary student designing an elephant saddle project investigating skin wounds in Thailand and India. Her work on this project earned her the Ballard Award for Wildlife from the Morris Animal Foundation and is the only work on the topic that has been published in the scientific literature to date. She later participated in a goat health project in Mbarara, Uganda which demonstrated the clear link between human and animal health through brucellosis prevention work.

After graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2009, Dr. Magda moved to New York City to understand how the veterinary profession was engaging in global health issues. Working with dogs as an emergency clinician in New York made Dr. Magda wonder about the role dogs play in human health in other parts of the world. This led her to participate in a rabies prevention project in Todos Santos, Guatemala, led by the Global Alliance for Animals and People (the GAAP).

After spending years researching and networking, Dr. Magda realized there was a need to unite the strengths of the United States into a single network of veterinary health professionals which could provoke and support a national and global health platform for change. With a passion for raising awareness through multiple platforms, emphasizing collaboration, and a strong belief in “not reinventing the wheel,” Dr. Magda wanted to create an organization that emphasizes enhancement of sound international animal projects that lack funding and support. Dr. Magda also practices emergency veterinary medicine in numerous specialty hospitals across New York State, and works as an associate at South Fork Animal Hospital, in Wainscott, NY.

Location: Veterinarians International

One Penn Plaza, Suite 6337
New York, NY 10119

Description: The mission of Veterinarians International is to enhance the health of humans, animals, and the environment through the use of sound veterinary care and expertise. To accomplish this, they partner with like-minded groups around the world who are working to ensure the animals in their communities are receiving the veterinary care they need. Veterinarians International participates in community meetings, delivers vaccines, and provides training programs in animal health, food production, nutrition, husbandry, and disease control, so the men and women can improve the conditions within their communities. Sustainable and repeatable solutions are designed at improving communities where these programs are implemented as well as the rest of the world.