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Contact:   Dr. Giovanni Widmer


508 839 7944


Location:  Building 20



       Student:  20

       Credits: .5


Course Description (13 h, 0.5 credits).

The course focuses on computational methods to analyze DNA and amino acid sequences. Four hours will be devoted to lectures. Each lecture will introduce a topic. Following each lecture, students will be guided through a computational analysis which students will run on their laptop. Students will learn to recognize different file formats, query and compare sequences and apply programs to extract biological information from complex sequence data. The exercises will emphasize the analysis of pathogenic microorganisms and their interaction with the host. Assessment will be based on three take-home exercises and a final 1 h in-class problem solving session.



Whether studying complex microbial populations or sequencing a plasmids, DNA and protein sequences are ubiquitous in biomedical research. The goal of the course is to demystify the analysis of sequence data and to provide basic familiarity with a few bioinformatics tools commonly used in this field.


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