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The Scientific Writing and Publishing Process

  Contact: John Bourgeois Location: Loew Room 104 Students: Only 1 Credits: 0.5 Description: Academic writing is its own literary genre with arcane styles, byzantine jargon, and capricious guidelines. Who is your audience? What… Read More

Large Animals Anatomy Mentoring

  Contact:  Dr. Rafael Senos 517-582-2587   Location: McGrath Building Comparative Pathobiology   Credits:  0.5 Students:  no limit   Description: The aim of this selective is to allow 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-year students to… Read More

Food Safety and Security

  Contact:  Meera Gatlin  ( Students: 4 Location:  TBD, but will be in Grafton. Includes field trips to a farm and slaughterhouse, which are scheduled after the course begins Credits:  0.5 Description: The veterinary profession… Read More

Health Program for Service Dogs in Training

Mentor: Alastair Cribb (and Rachael Bell with NEADS) Contact: 580-686-0132 Address: Concord Prison (Farm and Medium Security) 976 Barretts Mill Rd, West Concord, MA) NEADS (305 Redemption Rock Trail South, Princeton, MA) Students: 2… Read More

Tufts – AKC Canine Whelping Pilot Program

  Dr. Meera Gatlin Tessa Fiamengo –   Students:  1 – 9 Credits:  0.5 – 1.0 * Can be taken for one semester or both semesters based on the student interest, selective is… Read More

Spanish for Veterinarians

Contact: Dr. Rafael Senos Current Co-President: Alexandra Awad Latinx Veterinary Medical Association or Students:  Minimum of 10 students Credits:  0.5 Location:  Virtual and in-person Description: The foundation of this course is a 12-hour… Read More

Swine Castration Study

    Contact:  Erin King-Podzaline 560-974-2780   Location:  Swine Barn Students:  2-3   Description: Students will take part in a pain control study in piglets at time of castration. Students will assess behavior pre… Read More

Urgent Care at Foster Hospital for Small Animals

Contact: Dr. Nicholas Kiefer 508-839-5395 Location: Urgent Care (exam room 4) at the Foster Hospital for Small Animals   Details: Students: 1 Credits:    0.5 per 40 hours   Description: The Urgent Care elective… Read More

Small Animal Nutrition

  Contact: Dr. Deborah Linder Location:    In person in the Foster Hospital at Cummings   Details: Students: 1 Credits:    .5 – 1.0   Description: “Students can participate any Tuesday or Thursday afternoons… Read More