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A One Health Approach to Chiropteran Health

Contact:  Dr. Marjorie Bercier 352-665-9258 Location:  Grafton campus/online Students:  15-20 Credits:  0.25   Description: One Health is an approach that recognizes that the health of people is closely connected to the health of animals… Read More

Canine Scent Detection Pilot Study Selective

  Students:  5  students Credits:   .5  credits Contacts: Dr. Corinna Beale (,   Dr. David Lee-Parritz  ( Details: Attend a 45 minute Zoom lecture/training session on how to train dogs to scent detect. First week: train… Read More

Digital Pathology – Tufts Cummings

Contact: Dr Nicola Parry (Pathology) and Dr Amanda Martinot (Digital Pathology) Students: Varies Credit: Varies Location: Hospital for Large Animals   Description: This is NOT part of the Selective Lottery Process – Interested Students MUST contact… Read More

State Apiary Selective

Contact:   Dr. Kim Skrym Email: Phone:      671-626-1801   Address:   64 Century Way Suite 42 West Springfield, MA 01089   Students:   1 – 2   Description: A selective with the state apiary inspectors. They require… Read More

Understanding Human Psychopathology

    Contact:  Dr. John (Jay) Byrnes Email: 508-816-2055 Location: Grafton Campus Students: 4-8 students Description: Clinicians in human medicine often encounter patients or families affected by mental illness. The same is true in… Read More

Dialysis Team

    Contact:  Mary Anna Labato  or Carolyn Tai Email:, Location:  Small Animal Hospital Students:  20 Description: Students will learn the fundamentals of dialysis and serve assistant dialysis technicians. The dialysis service will… Read More

PACE: Peer Assisted Clinical Enrichment

    Contact:  Dr. Michael Karlin Email: If you are a TA in the program, you may earn selective credit.  You cannot sign up through the selective lottery. Description: If you are a TA… Read More


  Contact:   Dr. Giovanni Widmer Email: 508 839 7944   Location:  Building 20   Details:        Student:  20        Credits: .5   Course Description (13 h, 0.5 credits). The course focuses on computational… Read More

Monty Tech Veterinary Clinic

      Contact:  Dr. Kayla Sample   Address: 218 Sate Road East Westminster MA 01473   Students: Ideally fourth year elective students or second year selective students.  Currently we can accommodate 2 students… Read More