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The Scientific Writing and Publishing Process

  Contact: John Bourgeois Location: Loew Room 104 Students: Only 1 Credits: 0.5 Description: Academic writing is its own literary genre with arcane styles, byzantine jargon, and capricious guidelines. Who is your audience? What… Read More

Swine Castration Study

    Contact:  Erin King-Podzaline 560-974-2780   Location:  Swine Barn Students:  2-3   Description: Students will take part in a pain control study in piglets at time of castration. Students will assess behavior pre… Read More

Urgent Care at Foster Hospital for Small Animals

Contact: Dr. Nicholas Kiefer 508-839-5395 Location: Urgent Care (exam room 4) at the Foster Hospital for Small Animals   Details: Students: 1 Credits:    0.5 per 40 hours   Description: The Urgent Care elective… Read More

Small Animal Nutrition

  Contact: Dr. Deborah Linder Location:    In person in the Foster Hospital at Cummings   Details: Students: 1 Credits:    .5 – 1.0   Description: “Students can participate any Tuesday or Thursday afternoons… Read More

Behavioral Neuroscience Research

CONTACT: Dr. Liz Byrnes 508-839-7970   Details: Students: 5 Credits: 0.5 – 1.0 based on hours   Description: Students will gain experience conducting behavioral neuroscience in laboratory animals (rats and mice). Additional expertise in… Read More

State Apiary Selective

Contact:   Dr. Kim Skrym Email: Phone:      671-626-1801   Address:   64 Century Way Suite 42 West Springfield, MA 01089   Students:   1 – 2   Description: A selective with the state apiary inspectors. They require… Read More

Dialysis Team

    Contact:  Mary Anna Labato  or Carolyn Tai Email:, Location:  Small Animal Hospital Students:  20 Credits: 0.5 – 1.0 Description: Students will learn the fundamentals of dialysis and serve  as assistant dialysis… Read More

PACE: Peer Assisted Clinical Enrichment

    Contact:  Dr. Michael Karlin Email: If you are a TA in the program, you may earn selective credit.  You cannot sign up through the selective lottery. Description: If you are a TA… Read More

Equine Farrier Experience

  Person to Contact:    Eric John Email: Phone: (774)551-6596   Students per semester: 2   Location address; Hospital for Large Animals and ambulatory Website:   Description: Students will gain experience with equine farriery… Read More