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Contact:  Dr. Michael Karlin

If you are a TA in the program, you may earn selective credit.  You cannot sign up through the selective lottery.


If you are a TA in the program, you may earn selective credit.

Cummings School students are taught clinical skills during the curriculum but are not given structured opportunities to work on improving these skills. The goal of this project is to provide students with the opportunity to improve their competency, confidence, and decrease their anxiety with common clinical skills, thought a peer teaching program. We are accomplishing this by having a group of students called the Peer Assisted Clinical Enrichment team (PACE) which will teach a set of skill to their fellow students on models. We anticipate that there will be an improvement in confidence, competency, and decreased anxiety after participation in the program. This will translate into a more confident capable graduate from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. There are various options for projects to complete (your imagination is your only limitation). Students have made videos, surgical or practice models (aural hematoma, lipoma model, neuter model), tips and tricks papers.

Every Saturday 8am-12pm.  and make up day of Sunday 5-8pm.

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