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Dr. Flo Tseng


Room 114/ Bernice Barbour Wildlife Medicine Building


        Students:   1 – 10

        Credits:     0.5 credits


The Purdue Certificate for Diversity and Inclusion in Veterinary Medicine offers an extremely  impactful learning experience for all veterinary students. Diversity and inclusion are central to the veterinary profession, but with little formal training, students may find their knowledge is superficial. This course is a fantastic resource to deepen understanding and awareness. The lectures cover a broad range of DEI topics and focus on their application in veterinary medicine. The assignments involve completing 3 hours of community service, attending DEI events, and writing a short reflection paper. With a self-paced format and one year to complete the requirements, students can work on the material when they’re most engaged and take time to reflect on difficult topics. It is an excellent opportunity to gain awareness, self-reflect, think critically, and develop professionally through a social justice lens.  The cost of the course per student will be paid by the Office of Academic Affairs and the Associate Dean for Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Climate.


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