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Dr. Nicholas Kiefer


Location: Urgent Care (exam room 4) at the Foster Hospital for Small Animals



Students: 1

Credits:    0.5 per 40 hours



The Urgent Care elective rotation is designed to provide students with the opportunity to see and manage animals presenting to the hospital in need of medical care, but not in critical condition. As such, a primary goal of the rotation is to better prepare students for general practice by focusing on common presentations that are commonly handled in general practice. Anal gland abscesses, broken nails, and FIC need love too!

Emphasis will be placed on conducting thorough and precise histories and physical exams, developing sound clinical reasoning, building proficiency in determining when outpatient care is appropriate vs. when hospitalization is in order, and building confidence in client communication. This includes determining and discussing how to best help patients and clients who may not be financially or otherwise able to pursue gold standard care. Follow up via recheck appointments or phone calls to clients will be stressed, as well. In short, the course is intended to provide experience in managing a case population which represents the bulk of a typical general practice’s workload, from the perspective of a general practitioner.

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