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There were 14 recipients of the Honos Civicus award in 2017, including Whitney Allen, Emily Andersen, Arianne Baker, Rebecca Bishop, Lara Bower, Kelly Jones, Audrey Koid, Abigail McElroy, Alexa Ortiz, Julianne Richard, Sarina Selleck, Alyssa Stockdale, Gabriela Villanueva, and Emily Wheeler.

Honos Civicus celebrates and publicly recognizes graduating students who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to community service and civic engagement during their studies at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. After graduation, these inductees create an alumni network of veterinary health professionals who share a meaningful, continued commitment to civic life and social impact through their careers.

2017 saw a significant increase in applicants for this distinguished award; in the previous two years, the distinction was only awarded to 6 students.

Status: Achieved

May 2017