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Engaging Scholars

Engaging Scholars

Continuously improve learning experiences.

Faculty members strive to increase knowledge and advance curricula within our evolving profession. Curricula that are responsive to assessment and evidence ensure that students and faculty are engaged, motivated, continuous learners.

Encourage student success by actively reviewing and addressing student priorities, including curricula, financial aid, student services and salary/debt ratio.

Adapt our curricula to include new technologies and scientific evidence, pedagogical advances, and acknowledge differences in the way people learn.

Enhance student competencies across the four-year professional program in non-technical skills such as communications, financial literacy, business management, emotional intelligence, and resilience.

Enhance communication among professional, graduate and post-graduate clinical programs to promote shared learning and innovation.

Identify core foundational knowledge and options for elective advanced education in the veterinary professional curriculum.

Enhance teaching excellence through research, evidence-based practices, and publication to help build a peer-reviewed body of pedagogical scholarship.

Evaluate and pursue mission-appropriate revenue opportunities that will further support the sustainability of the school’s educational programs.