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For the past several years and in an effort to support faculty at the Cumming School of Veterinary Medicine, the Dean has allocated funds (Seed Funding) for research and teaching purposes. The seed funding is for one year with a maximum budget (direct cost only) of $10,000/year for research grants and $5000/year for teaching grants.

The purpose of the research seed grant program is to enable Cummings School faculty to conduct basic, clinical, applied or translational research that has clear potential to provide preliminary data leading to additional proposals for funding from extramural sources, and to generate or establish models, technologies, databases or reagents that facilitate competitive, hypothesis-driven research funding proposals and generates measurable scholarly outcomes in the form of quality publications.

The purpose of the teaching seed grant program is to enable Cummings School faculty to conduct research that uses or develops evidence-based approaches to enhance the quality of professional or graduate teaching, introduce and assess the impact of new technology for teaching, generate measurable scholarly outcomes in the form of publications or platform or poster presentations at national meetings, and include dissemination of results to the Cummings School learning and teaching community.

The program started in 2007/2008, then stopped for a few years and reinstated in 2015. Depending on the available funds, the program aims to distribute about $75,000/year.

This table summarizes past Seed Grants:

Fiscal Year Amount No. of Awards No. of Applications
2007/2008 $95,000 14 16
2008/2009 $74,569 10 11
2015/2016 $58,141 6 7
2016/2017 $58,053 6 15
2017/2018 $52,905 8 17

The first four cycles resulted in 12 publications, 11 abstracts and 16 grant proposals submitted to government agencies and foundations. There is a new call for proposals for the fiscal year 2018/2019.