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Parental and Family Planning Resources

Tufts University as well as Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine and the Cummings Veterinary Medical Center support your decision to have or plan a family while here whether you are a student, faculty or staff.… Read More

Veterinary Leadership Experience

This week-long experiential training program is designed to help veterinary professionals “think outside the box” and learn skills necessary to be healthy and resilient leaders within veterinary medicine.

Veterinary Nutrition Club

Student members gain insights and professional competency in veterinary nutrition with opportunities to research and explore nutrition-related employment.

Veterinary Disaster Response Club

Students and faculty are introduced to the role veterinarians play in disaster relief efforts and how to prepare for and help families and their pets when natural disaster strikes.

Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA)

Student members gain access to information on business practices, communication skills, and networking opportunities that help them build leadership skills and achieve management roles in veterinary practice.

Veterinarians for Global Solutions (VGS)

This club helps students develop a network of connections worldwide and provides opportunities to explore the role of the veterinarian in international veterinary medicine.

Student Veterinary Surgical Society (SVSS)

Veterinary students explore their interest in a surgical career through programming outside the classroom aimed at expanding their knowledge and practical expertise in this field.

Student Livestock Organization (SLO)

Students work with practicing ambulatory veterinarians to gain experience caring for various types of livestock, including cattle, goats, sheep and pigs.